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Grossesse & Préparation

La préparation à la naissance est différente pour tous.

Notre atelier portant sur le 3e trimestre de la grossesse et la préparation à l'accouchement vous permet de vous sentir prêts à votre manière.

Cet atelier aborde les aspects suivants...

Newborn Baby


What will sleep look like for you, your baby and your partner? Learn about what to expect and how to plan for future rest.

Learn about growth spurts and what to expect from them from your baby and their environment.



We look at the what and how of diapering with single use diapers, cloth diapers, as well as no diapers (early potty training).


Learn about what can be applied to rashes and other aspects of infant hygiene.



Babywearing is a worldwide and ancient practice.


Learn about the many benefits for yourself and baby. Learn about the basics, options, and safety measures as well.

En vous présentant ces outils...
Kissng the Newborn

Infant Care Plan



Holding Notes


Cours privé: 70 $

Cours en groupe: 60 $

Consultez nos prochaines disponibilités!

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