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Services de portage

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Voici quelques sentiments qui habitent certains parents qui débutent leur apprentissage du portage des bébés et des enfants. Sentez-vous soutenus et gagnez en confiance avec nos ateliers et nos consultations!

Notre philosophie...

Babywearing is something we see practiced by all kinds of mammals, and has been practiced by humans for millennia. Even though carrying your baby might be instinctual, there are many tools that exist, and knowing where to start can be intimidating.

Sharing knowledge and experience with one another is a great way to build community around something very unique. Meeting other babywearing parents and learning about your options can be empowering and inspiring

Our workshop and consultations prioritize you and your baby. What are your obstacles? What are your thoughts? Chanel, our certified babywearing monitor is here to listen and share. 

Q: Why are we so passionate about babywearing?

A: For us, babywearing is much more than a way to transport your baby from point A to point B.

It is a life style!

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